1101 Main Street   City, State  Zip

1101 Main Street   City, State  Zip
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At Generic Decorative Concrete Concepts, we understand that the satisfaction of our clients is paramount to our success. This is why our decorative concrete artists strive to provide homeowners and property owners with unmatched customer service on each project. We work hand and hand with homeowners and business owners to ensure the project comes out the way it's envisioned.

As your trusted (city) decorative concrete company, we bring professionalism into each decorative concrete project. With our extensive experience and knowledge of decorative concrete services, you can rest easy knowing your project will be completed with a professional finish. From garage themes, patios, pool decks,basement flooring, or commercial settings call on the experts at Generic Decorative Concrete Concepts!

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What happens when you combine the ultra durability of some of the highest performing industrial coatings with the specialty product REFLECTORô Enhancer? You get a floor that is not only designed for high traffic environments but one that make designers, architects and property owners completely satisfied for a long time..
What better to give an art gallery than a floor with such artistic appeal that it becomes more popular than the artwork itself? Ultra tough floors with industrial grade strength but the ability to wow your guests. An architects and interior designers dream. The dream is now reality.
The Dilemma: Miles and miles of plain gray concrete and a state government with money to make to look nicer. The Solution: A durable, weather resistant, polymer modified, cementitous topping. THIN-FINISH Pre-Mixed Overlay and sealed with CSS EMULSION to be exact.
Real stone and slate looks great but the price can kill a budget. Thin stamped overlays however can create the authentic look and feel of real stone at a fraction of the price. And the kicker is; Using TEXTURE-PAVE Pre-Mixed Overlay it is tougher and can be applied to any existing concrete surface.
Modern architectural brings patterns and colors to virtually all aspects of the building trades yet concrete for the most part is still plain gray. With CHEM-STONE Reactive Stain, economical coloring is easily achieved with permanent results. Say good bye to gray.
Go big or go home. From expansive shopping malls to theme parks to universities, we have limitless unique and durable flooring systems to choose from. By combining MICRO-FINISH Pre-Mixed Overlay with REFLECTOR Enhancer and E100-PT1 this floor came alive.
It doesnt always have to be foo foo with our products. Sometimes the ultimate level of durability is really all that matters. As the leading industrial coatings manufacturer, we understand that engineering and product performance are our most important responsibilities.
Hotels love us, parents trust us. Non-slip pool deck coatings are a must for swimming pools and water parks. Not to mention they don't have to be plain or unappealing.  With THIN-FINISH Pre-Mixed Overlay anything is possible.
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1101 Main Street   City, State  Zip
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