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Don't let your company get lost  in the wilderness.  It's time to grow your business with the aid of a professionally designed website.  


 Do you have an effective marketing plan for the following ?

    * How to let consumers know all of the product categories and services you offer

    * How to let consumers know what products are on sale and for how long they are on sale

    * Effectively market products that are already in stocked in your warehouse

    * Communicate to consumers why they should buy flooring from you.  How you "stand out" from the competition.

    * A way to let consumers Shop @ Home 24/7.

FWD is dedicated to helping small business owners reach a much broader number of potential customers by having a presence on the internet. With your store present on the web new customers can browse through what you have to offer from the comfort of their home at any time of day or night. They will know the extent of products you have to offer before they ever come in your store! With a website developed by FWD you now have a way to address these problems and reach a far greater number of potential customers at a maximized, minimal cost to your business compared to tranditonal methods of marketing.


We provide quality website design & services without over promising
Website Design
Creative and intelligent solutions

Your website needs compelling visuals that capture a consumer's attention and informs them of the various products and services you offer. Consumers can learn about your company 24/7 in the comfort of their home. We strive to develop a design that will communicate your brand image to the world!

Responsive Design
Views well all devices and screen sizes

It is imperative that your website be "responsive". This means it will be displayed properly on a phone, tablet, or desktop. Google now penalizes sites in their search engine that aren't "mobile ready". Your website will be cutting edge and deliver the best user experience possible. This will increase the time a consumer spends on your site.

Social Media Management
Engage potential customers 

Our team gets to know your business so that we can help you target your audience through social media like Facebook. We send out monthly reports & are available daily for tips, advice, or anything else that you need in order to keep your social media networks up to date. This helps keep consumers engaged with your business.

SEO Services
Making sure you're found

SEO alone is not as affective as it used to be. We recommend both SEO and Social Media as part of your new Inbound Marketing Strategy that attracts visitors to your brand and your website. Let our Inbound Marketing Team execute a plan that attracts new customers and retains existing ones.